Thursday, September 25, 2014

Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King Guide Cheats - Disenchanting Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

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Equipment can be enhanced to get extra buff. Enhancement stone(s) are necessary for enhancements.


The equipment of rare and above quality can be upgraded to a higher-ranked piece with the same quality. After you upgrade a piece of equipment, the original piece will be replaced by the new piece however the enhancement stats will stay intact. For example, an Epic Silver Helmet with +3 enhancement state will become an Epic Gold Helmet with +3 enhancement state after an upgrade operation.

Please note that upgraded equipment also requires higher hero level.


You can acquire a rarer piece of equipment through synthesis. The rarer the equipment piece, the better materials it requires and the more the synthesis costs. Synthesis guarantees a 100% success rate. (Equipment potion of the corresponding quality is necessary for the synthesis of rare and above equipment. For example, 4 Uncommon Silver Scepters and an Equipment Potion a! will become a Rare Silver Scepter after a synthesis operation. )


You can disenchant unwanted pieces of equipment. You'll get a certain amount of Metal Pieces after a disenchanting operation and you will have chance to get a certain kind of enhancement stone(s) as well.

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